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How did jongho meet?

I answered that here

Are taekey with jjong and minho bc minhos a cop? Like are they state-certified caregivers and was it for sure bc of minhos a status?

I’m gonna go with yes

if taemin starts crying or something how do jongho or key handle it?

cuddles p much solve everything. though, sometimes key loses his patience (bc he’s also still a kid) and he can get annoyed by taem’s whining and snap at him and then he feels bad and taemin does stop but he gets sulky and cold toward his brother

how did taekey end up in foster care?

their mother passed away when taem was like 3, they never knew their father, and there was no next of kin so they went to the state

could you please maybe talk about taemin's relationship with jongho from your cop au? i just love it so much T-T

sure. he thinks they’re fun and he grows attached to them pretty quickly. he spends a lot of time with jonghyun since he attends the school he works at, but he loves getting to hang out with minho, too

i look forward to everything you write~~ thank you for always answering my questions ^^

ahh thank you

does key tell jongho about his crush on eunsook?

yeh ^^ he asks them for advice. it should be cute af pls look forward to it

rosesareredlike replied to your post “does onew have a part in the cop au?”

is Eunsook older or the same age as Kibum in the cop au? when does he have this crush on her, like is he in his late teens? UwU COP AU UwU

lifeinblackandpink said: 

YES! Um, sorry, just barging into the conversation here. Yes, I think that would be a good idea. :D

1) she’s the older but they’re in the same grade. he starts crushing on her in like grade 10 when she transfers into his school, so he’s around 16 and she’s 17

2) I guess I could, but it’d take a while

Hi I was wondering if you were going to do a sequel of valentines day from the jongyu fam series (PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE) *cough* either way, love the series, and all your other works! :D

you mean like the smut part? I’ve been having trouble writing smut lately so that’s probably not gonna happen

does onew have a part in the cop au?

no but Eunsook does