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I need more jongyu family in my life ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ btw i missed their kids, the twins and taemin 😢

I miss them too. I’m a little busy with work and school atm however

what happened to What Was Done Can Never Be Undone? the post isn't there anymore??

I changed my main blog’s url so I have to fix the link. I’m on mobile rn so I can’t but all you gotta do is switch out twinkyjjong for jongtaetho and that should do it

Do you have plans to continue Giving Up On Miracles? It's one of my favorite fics. <3333

yeah dude. I’ve been working on it v slowly over the summer but the chpt has been tricky for me since I’d planned lots of sexual tension and maybe smut but I haven’t felt like writing sexy times in like 3-4 months. now that I have both school and a job I’ve been too busy to write much of anything anyway but yeah. I have a lot of that chpt written and it’s coming but I can’t say when

Jonghyun/Taemin; The Leg Thing; PG


Jonghyun is still just overwhelmed by how pretty Taemin is and how he just gave him his leg.

aka the one where taem has a prosthetic leg

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Jonghyun/Taemin; Time Zones; PG


ft some draws from this lovely lil noot uwu

From: Taemin
11:01pm, SK
∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

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But Junghee in leggings...


i forgot what leggins were for a moment so i started thinkin about junghee in thigh highs instead

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Jonghyun/Taemin; Plan Ruiner; PG


the one where jonghyuns period is early

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onjongtae, whatever AU you want, virgin

Taemin loved going dancing with his partners, but he hated the “drinking” that came before. He was turning twenty one in three months, but he was still stuck with a virgin strawberry daiquiri while they got to sip on MVPs and fuzzy navels. Made with actual, real life liquor.

He was sighing through his nose as he toyed with his purple straw when he noticed Jinki smirking at him.

"That looks yummy." the eldest commented and Taemin scowled as he heard Jonghyun chuckle on his right. "Can I have a sip?"

Taemin rolled his eyes but pushed the drink across the table anyway, watching as Jinki wrapped his smirking lips around the straw. He hummed his approval and Jonghyun took it next, taste testing for himself. “Sweet.” he noted as he slid it back to the youngest.

"Yeah, it’s great." Taemin hummed. "Does this mean I get to try yours?"

"Sure," Jonghyun hummed, chuckling when Taemin’s eyebrows flitted up in surprise. Tentatively, Taemin reached for Jonghyun’s fuzzy navel but his fingers were smacked away.

"Not like that." Jinki scolded. "If someone sees you, we’ll get kicked out."

"Then-" Taemin frowned, watching Jonghyun take a quick pull from his drink before beckoning Taemin with his finger. He leaned closer and Jonghyun cupped his cheek, pressing their mouths together. Taemin’s lips parted and a cool, sweet liquid trickled through as Jonghyun’s tongue swirled around his own. He swallowed as Jonghyun sucked on his bottom lip, pulling away with a smirk. "Oh."

"Yeah," Jonghyun hummed before licking at the corner of Taemin’s lips. "Good, right?"

"Mm," Taemin agreed, flushing. He and Jinki weren’t really big on the whole PDA thing, but he couldn’t deny that it was doing something for him tonight. He turned to Jinki who was sipping at his MVP through a sultry grin. "Am I gonna get to try yours?"

His response was a burst of tropical flavor, slightly warmed by Jinki’s mouth and the burn of alcohol. This drink was much stronger than Jonghyun’s and Jinki had transferred much more of it, but Taemin lapped it up, sucking on Jinki’s sweet tongue. He pulled him in by the hips, grinding into his front as he nipped at his upper lip.

"Like mine better?" Jinki chuckled, a little breathless as Taemin finally pulled back.

"Actually, I think I like mine best." he responded and looked around before pulling a nip of Bacardi out of his front pocket and dumping it in quickly.

"Where did you get that?" Jonghyun hissed as Taemin hurriedly pocketed the empty bottle and Jinki looked around to make sure no one had seen.

"Key." Taemin answered simply as he stirred his drink and took a test sip. "Much better." he giggled at the elders’ awed expressions. "Wanna try it now?"

jongtae, condomless, laundry room uwu

It was exciting. Meeting up in the basement at three in the morning. To fuck. In a public space. Taemin was hard before Jonghyun even walked through the door.

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Camping was secretly one of Kibum’s favorite things to do. He liked grilling meat (or more accurately the eating of grilled meat), he liked looking up at the stars or out at the glimmering black mass of liquid that was the lake and listening to the mating calls of thousands of thirsty insects. But mostly, he liked sipping beer around a fire and snuggling close to his Jinki. The problem was that his Jinki was having trouble starting this fire and refused any offers of help, so there was no warmth coming from the happy little flame he’d expected or the happy little man he’d expected to make it. 

"Hyung, if-"

"I got this!" Jinki flapped a hand back at Kibum in annoyance as he poked at his new pile of tinder. He lit it up, but it just wasn’t catching like it should.

Kibum sighed for the umpteenth time and nodded to himself, striding over to the grill to pick up the can of lighter fluid and march back toward Jinki. He knocked him aside with a gentle tap of his boot and squirted the highly flammable fluid onto Jinki’s weak flame, causing it to flare up around the larger pieces of wood. It died back down quickly, but it seemed to have helped because the branches they’d gathered earlier were finally ablaze. Kibum giggled to himself as Jinki scrambled to his feet to pout at him. 

"That’s dangerous." he whined, snatching the can from Kibum’s hands. 

"I know, but it worked, didn’t it?" he smirked, pecking the tip of Jinki’s nose and chuckling. "I’m gonna get the s’mores stuff."