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(based off of this amazingly adorable fanart by niquels ;o;)

"Your cheekbones look great," Kibum said, tilting Jinki’s head from side to side and assessing his work. Jinki’s eyes were still closed, lips parted slightly and eyelashes long over his skin with the light mascara Kibum used.

"My face feels heavy," he muttered. His eyes blinked half-open and Kibum grinned, rubbing his cheeks and smacking them a few times.

"What are you doing?" Jinki asks indignantly.

"Blending," Kibum answers, although he’s really just teasing.

Jinki grumbles and Kibum hands him a mirror. “Wanna see?”

The older man takes it, appraising himself suspiciously. His hair is still pulled back with a clip so it didn’t get in the way during the session, something Kibum is finding he likes more than he should.

"It’s…different," Jinki says, tracing the lines of his sculpted brows.

"It’s okay if you don’t like it." Kibum leans in further, already positioned between Jinki’s legs and so, so close to his pouting lips. His hand grasps Jinki’s and Jinki looks up at him with eyes that appear wide and sparkling because of the highlights of colour spread over his lids. "Thank you for letting me do this."

"Yeah, no problem," Jinki breathes, and Kibum tips his head so they can fit glossy mouths together, slight moans echoing between them.

They’ve only done this a few times before, but it’s growing harder and harder to resist. Kibum is aware he’s falling for the man—it probably shouldn’t be happening, but no one is complaining. These half-dates are turning into more and more; they’re growing closer and closer so naturally.

Jinki drops the mirror and holds Kibum’s other hand. He squeezes both palms at the same time. His barrette flops forward and bumps Kibum’s head when their kisses grow deeper and Kibum presses towards him.

"You should stay over tonight," Kibum says when he pulls back for a few seconds and then kisses Jinki once more.

"Okay," Jinki says softly. He’s probably thinking Kibum wants sex, though that’s not his intention. If it happens now, it happens now, but all he’s concerned with at this moment is making sure their hands can stay entwined and their lips can touch in the morning over coffee.

Night and Day

Pairing: Jongyu

Rating: PG

Word Count: 3300 (so much for a drabble)

Anonymous said:

Jonghyun asleep in the day, wide awake all night, quietly walking the city. Onew studiously the opposite. The night that Onew’s curiosity gets the better of him.

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okay so lately I’ve been in a writing funk, as you may have noticed by the lack of my own fic on this blog, so I decided to ask you guys for prompts to sort of ease my way back into working on the bigger projects lurking in my google drive. now, because I’m kinda rusty, I’m not going to be able to pump out 5+ drabbles a night like I used to. if you send something in, the chances are high that I will not take it, either because I’m not feeling it or maybe I already took one or two prompts already and I’m worn out. please don’t hold that against me. I really can’t do every prompt I get, as I’ve explained in the past, but I just wanna make that extra clear this time around because what I really don’t need right now is pressure. so, that being said, prompts can be as vague or specific as you like. you can follow a meme I’ve asked for before or whatever, I really don’t care. the ask has been wide open for a while now actually and you can send them in whenever. I’ll be trying to at least do one per day for as long as I can manage

okay. bring it on?

Jonghyun/Taemin; >n<; PG


31-Day Summer Challenge: Day 5 - Too Hot to Sleep (aka thats totes a title fuk u)

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Jonghyun/Taemin; Entertainment ; PG


31-Day Summer Challenge: Day 4 - TV Marathons (aka taemin finally gets jonghyun to watch his favorite show)

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Day 04 — The French Tongue [JongHo, PG-13, 1571w]


Why do these keep getting longer?? I am incapable of writing just a drabble apparently. Here, have some cute Jongho. Disclaimer: I don’t speak French.

Drabble a Day | Prompt Me!

Minho’s French tutor has a perfect smile.

Maybe it’s not exactly a smile — he smiles just fine, but really it’s the smirk that does him in. He’s caught it three times now. Rare, fully-committed, an almost mystical experience that silently floors him each time. Jonghyun smirking was half of what shocked Minho into finally memorizing his prepositions.

The first time he saw it was an accident. He was ten minutes early to his second appointment in the library. He barely knew Jonghyun, barely remembered what he looked like from their previous meeting besides his swoopy hair and clonking sneakers. He would have sat and waited, but there was someone else in the quiet alcove. He was taller than Jonghyun — well. Everyone was taller than Jonghyun. But that wasn’t the remarkable thing. It was the tail-end of that smirk, his lips curling up, as he wished the intruder farewell with one eyebrow raised in flirtation. Minho pretended not to notice how polite and formal Jonghyun looked when he rounded the bookshelf. It was less a mask sliding back into place and more the sharp thump of a guillotine. Damn the French.

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Don’t Worry; OnKey; NC-17; WC: 2700



I stayed up till stupid o’clock to finish this and it’s unedited, not even 70% of what I wanted it to be and probably a hot mess but happy birthday? it’s the thing we talked about possibly writing together. you can post it or not idc but if you do, you might wanna tack on a readmore. I hope you’re having fun at the con and stuff

Only the quiet thrum of the refrigerator could be heard as Kibum crept into the dorm, rolling his luggage carefully across the hardwood so as not to disturb the silence of their home. He’d texted Jinki about his early arrival about an hour ago and had yet to receive a reply, so he assumed the elder must be sleeping. Good. The leader needed the rest. He slipped out of his sneakers and tiptoed down the hall toward his room with bated breath as he passed the elder’s bedroom door. His phone chimed in his pocket much too loudly and he hissed a curse as he fumbled to get it out.


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Jonghyun/Taemin; Makes the Boys go Noot Noot; PG


31-Day Summer Challenge: Day 2 - Dudebros (aka taemin has a nice booty)

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Day 03 — How to Train Your Taemin [JongYu, PG-13, 1453w]



Yet again I prove I can’t keep things to drabble length. Thanks for prompting, anon, I hope you like it (:

Drabble a Day | Prompt Me!

“Do you want to meet my dragon?”

Jonghyun pauses with his teeth millimeters from Jinki’s neck, hands in his hair, Jinki panting between him and the tree they’ve shoved themselves against. “What?”

“It’s — you know. It’s been a while, us. Maybe it’s time.”

Jonghyun’s palms weave soft currents against Jinki’s neck down to rest at his shoulders. He’d almost forgotten about Jinki’s dragon, with how little he was mentioned. A few vague descriptions, complaints of a scratch or a burnt wardrobe thrown in. Maybe it was out of sensitivity to Jonghyun’s dragon-free lifestyle. Mothers with dragon allergies really put a cramp in one’s reptilian options. (She’d offered him a plain old consolation sheep once. He’d politely refused.)

“What’s his name again?” he asks, lips still a warm centimeter from Jinki’s adam’s apple, his tongue slipping out to trace its edges.

“Taemin.” Jinki shudders and steers their hips together, hands on Jonghyun’s waist, pushing forward until the wool of their tunics catches in the friction. Jonghyun pulls back and Jinki’s mouth kisses over his cheeks, his chin, his lips.

“Ah, yes,” he says, distracted. “Taemin. Sounds great. I like dragons. Yeah, good.” Jinki smiles tentatively. Jonghyun wisely ignores the “I hope so” that he whispers as he straightens their clothes before they head back to the village.

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Drabble a Day 02 — Centripetal [JongTae, PG, 1089w]



Thank you so much, you’re really sweet & adorable! I hope you like it! Technically this is longer than a drabble, oops.

(centripetal: moving or tending to move toward a center.)

Challenge | Prompt me!

Taemin can’t pinpoint the exact moment; it was somewhere between Jonghyun’s knobby adolescent knees and the taste of dust in his mouth, skin cracking from the white-blistered sun in the local vacant lot. Somewhere in there his stomach had thumped and fallen to the whirlwind monster of ill-fated romance.

Jonghyun used to play baseball with the older boys. He was a black hole of a shortstop and even worse in the outfield, but they kept him around for his King Kong impressions and the cookies his mom made. Even at nine years old Taemin had known, had recited to himself at night that Jonghyun’s name was the only one worth memorizing. He snuck in to sit by the back lot fence and rack up small mountains of fawn-colored dirt in the pockets of his shorts and elastic waistbands. His nighttime baths were cleansing rituals; he just never got fully clean. Jonghyun stayed like a bug in the pit of his belly.

Each baseball game watched was another tally mark on his private scoresheet, and perhaps, Taemin thinks, this is why none of his high school endeavors have borne more than chaste kisses and sour grapes. He’s been ruined from the start.

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