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Little Incidents


Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Onkey

Summary: Kate requested a fic based on Onkey’s various quotes about drinking, specifically Onew’s comment that Key wanders into his room drunk.

Length: About 5600 words.

Disclaimer: Only the plot is mine. I do not know the lives of the people in this story and do not suggest that these events actually occurred.

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Key: One time when we had a party after a concert [Onew] was really fixated on wrestling… This old man grabbed me and started wrestling!

MC: You don’t remember, right?

Onew: I remember, but I don’t admit it. (x)


“Come on, Kibum,” Jinki sing-songed.

He had Kibum pinned to the wall next to the door to their dorm and was giggling in his face. Kibum’s hands were on the boy’s shoulders trying to keep him at a distance.

“Minho, if you don’t open that door right now – ”

“Calm down. I’ve got it.” Minho finally punched in the code, stepping aside to let Jonghyun and Taemin push past him. He reached over to pull Jinki away from Kibum and the two boys worked together to guide their leader across the threshold. Jinki immediately sat on the floor with an ungraceful thud and continued to giggle while he removed his shoes.

Minho observed Jinki with a tilted head while taking off his own shoes. “He’s kind of fun like this.”

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35. eternal taekey please


Taemin frowns at the sheet of paper in his hand, looks up at the address on the house, and then looks down again.

'3489' the address on the paper reads.

'34o9' the address on the house reads.

Taemin stands out there for another five minutes, looking down at the paper and looking back up at the house and looking at the numbers on the other houses and wondering why the numbers don’t match when he followed the directions right until Kibum comes out of the house numbered ‘34o9’ and drags Taemin inside.

"Part of the eight fell off," he explains when Taemin presents his quandary.

"Taemin, roommates." Kibum makes introductions quickly as they pass through the living room. "Roommates, Taemin."

Two men sitting on a couch arguing over TV briefly wave at him. Taemin waves back.

They strip down when they’re inside Kibum’s bedroom and make love. Taemin’s wings burst from his back in the heat of the moment and scatter dust over Kibum that sends his human nerves into overdrive and makes him scream Taemin’s name over and over. The roommates probably don’t appreciate it, but Taemin does.

"Been too l—long," Kibum says in a voice that shakes uncontrollably, still affected by Taemin’s magic. Kibum handles it well, for a human—doesn’t pass out or anything like that—but it still takes its toll. There are good reasons as to why faeries and humans don’t coexist, after all.

"Sorry,” Taemin replies softly. "My coronation is coming up. Preparations and stuff."

"When are you going to introduce me to them?" Kibum asks.

"They’ll eat you alive. Maybe literally." Taemin gnashes his teeth, sharp as razors without his glamour in place.

Kibum laughs.

"Soon," Taemin says after a minute. "Just…when it feels right."

"Make it soon. I want to see you all dressed up, Prince Taemin."

Taemin eyes him grumpily over the pillow he’s pressed his face into. Kibum reaches out to touch one of his lazily-beating wings and bursts into giggles when he does, magic taking effect again.

It’s strange, being with a human. They’re impulsive and reckless and lack a lot of the straightforward sense Taemin is used to from the faeries. But he admires those qualities far more, leading him to be drawn to the human world months ago, and leading him to Kibum when he saw him walking down the street, not really standing out from any other humans in looks (at least to Taemin) but obviously, apparently, special.

Taemin worries a lot about his situation: how his family and subjects will react, how Kibum will fare in a world of magic that can easily overwhelm him and swallow him whole—what they’ll do when Kibum starts to age and Taemin doesn’t. (Almost) Eternal life can be passed on, but it often kills the recipient, or drives them to do the deed themselves. Humans are so weak in so many ways. And what of Kibum’s life here…his family….

Taemin sighs heavily into the pillow, not wanting any of these complications. He should’ve just been born human. Maybe he’ll wear iron for the rest of his life and burn away the magic in his veins, however painful it may be. He could do it for Kibum. Honestly, he wouldn’t mind leaving much of his own world behind.

"Stop thinking."

"It’s hard not to."

Kibum drapes himself over Taemin and kisses him breathless. That does the trick.

When they part, he smiles ruefully at Taemin. “Shit has a way of working itself out.”

And this is why Taemin loves humans: they’re hopeless, reckless, and smarter than he’ll ever be.

"I don't have a gag reflex." jongyu<3


"Bullshit. Everyone has one."

"No, really. I mean it."

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What is taem and jongin's relationship like? Where'd they meet? Who thought it would be a good idea to go home and fuck in the middle of the day? Has it ever happened before?

they’re very sweet on each other, though they do tease each other from time to time. they met at dance class in middle school, but they were just friends who slowly realized they liked each other and they didn’t start officially dating until the end of grade 9 in high school. it was taemin’s idea to skip to his house bc he’d assumed no one would be home (both of his dads were supposed to be at work). it was the first and last time they went to either of their houses but not the first time they’d skipped class for that. sometimes they’d just sneak off to the school’s basement but they nearly got caught by a janitor one too many times or they’d go to the park but taem didn’t like rolling around near all the bugs and stuff

"I want to be sore." Onjongtae


Jinki and Taemin look at each other, and then back back to Jonghyun, and it’s the youngest that moves first.

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onjongtae "I can't stop thinking about your hands on me"?


"Good boy. What else?" Jinki says, voice loud and clear through the speakers in Jonghyun’s laptop.

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what does a grounding in the jongyu household consist of? like what are they allowed to and not allowed to do?

they’re not allowed to go out, they’re not allowed to play video games. they can watch tv and listen to the radio but only for a couple hours. they’re allowed to use the computer for homework only so it has to be in the presence of one of their dads. they take on extra chores. it usually only lasts 2-3 days max even if their parents say it’s for x amount of weeks, mostly bc they forget

Just came by to sprinkle some love and positive energy ^^ I know being in school and stuff might be all stressful and-- bleh, So I just stopped by to tell one of my favourite writers to have a great day, and study hard, alright? Hwaiting! <3

aww thank you so much sweetness it means a lot to me ;~;

How do jongyu comfort the kids if they get teased for having two dads?

they’ve talked to the kids about the possibility of bullying and they tell them that some people are going to be hateful no matter how much you prove that you’re a good person and that they’re sorry for it. the boys usually defend themselves/each other but they have come home crying a couple times and Jonghyun’s gone in to talk to the teachers about it but otherwise the comforting is just lots of cuddles and needless apologies

did taekai ever get to finish doing it after the were done being grounded?

ofc lol that wasn’t the first time and definitely not the last but they never went to taem’s house when they skipped class again